Women Premier: Power Rankings

Women Premier: Power Rankings

The Inter-Conference games are here, the long journey to this year’s league title is on going. Some teams are looking to hoist the league trophy above their head and claim it as their own, while others are just making sure they are not relegated. Will the USIU Flames repeat? Or will KPA take what they thought was rightfully theirs. Here is the current power rankings.

1.USIU Flames (7-0). With all due respect USIU Flames is the best ladies team at the moment. Are they beatable? The last quarter against Equity exposed them but still they showed character in the end. As it stands they are still the team to beat, a second title beckons.

2.KPA (6-0). Just like USIU, KPA is unbeaten, they actually have a fairly strong starting lineup too. Their bench is made up of players who have been around for long. Whenever Yvonne Akinyi and Natalike Akinyi are having a good day KPA is a difficult team to beat. This is the team that USIU must beat if they want to make it two in a row.

3.Co-op Bank Kingdom Queens(8-1). This is a team that could become amazing. They have improved more than any other team over the past three seasons. Although they were eliminated by the top-ranked team, USIU , they pulled off quite a season(2014). With Grace Wanjiku, Angela Namirimu and Selina Okumu the back court is in good hands. Some improvement in the paint will do them good.

4.Strathmore Swords(5-2). So far Swords have done exceedingly well and are in for another playoff year. With Racheal Opinya, Mollete Achieng and Susan Manya leading the way, this is a team just waiting to have a Cinderella story.

5.Ulinzi Blades(5-2). They have really done well this year, but there can always be room for improvement. Bridgit Nanzala has done an amazing job leading this once awful team. With new signings Brenda Odula, Florence Mbithe, Caroline Achieng, Immaculate Agustah, Jane Mugwang’a and Jane Ouko Ulinzi have depth on the bench. This team is capable of making it into the top 4.

6.Equity Hawks(4-2). A lot is expected from this team, though new in the league the players are not. Depth is their major undoing, as far as starting fives go, Equity have it good. The backups are where things get rough.

7.Storms (4-3). This is a team that is just “there”. They are not bad enough to be constantly talked about. Nor are they good enough that people are always watching and discussing their games. Yet next season, they will be just “there”. And somehow they will be in the playoffs.

8.Masaku Sparks (3-3). Although they beat Eagle Wings last weekend that glory will be short lived, they are still outside of the playoffs position. There will be no shame in not doing so well this season. Yet this new team with a lot of potential will drastically affect the coming season. I suspect an epic season next year that will define them.

9.Eagle Wings (4-3). This is a team that was good several years ago, but have become a team in the lower half of their conference. For a side that is rebuilding staying out of the relegation zone is the short term goal.

10.Western Delights (2-4). Though they are still at the lower end of the table the Kakamega based side has greatly improved. They have yet to become a threat to teams who aren’t within the bottom of the table, that is a herculean task.

11.KU Oryx (2-7). After Bettie Kananu switched to Masaku Sparks, Oryx season has gone from bad to worse. Berine Akoth has a bright future but potential means nothing for now.

12.KCA – University (1-7). Not much to talk about, the coaches put so much in training but the team lacks the premier league talent.

13.Mennonites (0-6). The team that never wins and never gets relegated, talk of participating not competing.

14.Kisumu Lady Bucks (0-6). The first year is proving to be tough, losing at home to Western Delight was a lesson on how tough the premier league is. There is little chance of them wining a game this year.




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