Tibe And Eriko While You Were Away

Tibe And Eriko While You Were Away

First things first Tiberious Menya lost his mum while he was at the military training, my condolences.

For Tibe we know Denise missed him, the basketball fraternity has been on their necks since he came back, everyone is happy for them. As for Erick we will find out soon who missed him apart from his team Ulinzi Warriors.

Personally I am glad that the two are back, ain’t you? I think we all are especially us fans though I am sure most teams are not. let me not mention names for now.

The two are among the best in the league with Erick¬†being taunted as a future star, this kid has mad energy on both ends of the floor. Tibe is a rare gem, the league lacks true floor generals and that’s why Ulinzi had to employ him, such talent is hard to come by.

A lot has happened since they went away, Ulinzi Warriors lost to KPA in the playoffs finals, the former champions Co-op Bank Spartans were swept. Ariel Okall was the 2014 MVP and has since left for Uganda with Joseph Ouma. Blazers were 0-30 last season but are doing well in the Division 1 league, maybe that is where they belong. The current season is divided into two conferences East and West. The Nairobi Ladies team retained the Inter-Cities tournament, Lions are now cubs. Manuela Biel is Kenyan by birth, Victor Bosire made his national team debut and he did not disappoint … You left when android operating system was Ice cream Sandwich 4.0.0, the latest version is Lollipop 5.1.1. The two need to be updated.

Now tell us about yourselves, do we call you Afande (whatever that means) or corporal?

Wait there is free Nyama choma at Pub Lick (somewhere in Nairobi West) on JULY 31.

Welcome back, we missed you.




Tiberious Menya, Erick Mutoro and Victor Odendo. Tiberious Menya, Erick Mutoro and Victor Odendo.