This Uganda Talk, Are We So Blind To Long Term Goals?

This Uganda Talk, Are We So Blind To Long Term Goals?

You are all so so hilarious I cannot stop laughing! wait…so you mean to say you did not see this coming? And more is still to come…why and how? Easy…while we are clouded to pleasing FIBA as ENFORCERS of FIBA rules, UG did open its doors to anyone who would ADD VALUE to their league.

We had major exodus of Kenyan players at league level and college on full scholarships move to UG. They boosted the competition, helped local players learn from them, and played as many games as they could with and against top Kenyan players. Including non Kenyans who grew their game in Kenya. I do tours with All.One Basketball School. They have issues too, but their issues do not override the needs of the main client; that is, the player. In essence, by allowing foreigners in their league, they did not have to come scout what KENYA does, they brought KENYA in and actually some of the most skilled players. Omondi Richard Osanoh Nelson Njau [fresh from UAE they went to 256] Okila, Arou Ramadan Chan, Big Phil, Martin Okwako, just to mention but a few, I guess we have more.

Then the coaching staff…the late Smatts had stints with top teams, now Oludhe makes trips there too trust me, he may not do much but the fact that he is top rated in Kenya and has dedicated his time there¬†will change the mindset of the players and that is what it takes, mindset], and other names no need to mention that are Kenya made. It has nothing to do with sponsorship…sponsors are not fools, they look for maximum impact for their brand.

THEN THE TOTAL MADNESS, how do you send Steph Curry [read MVP] to Lithuania or Spain and expect 10 more curries not to rise from within the underrated leagues. The local players will work to match up the MVP in everyway. BUT you crowned him MVP in KENYA, so if he was beast in your league, he will definitely help the other league AND ITS PLAYERS improve. So keep insulting my intelligence, it tickles me. FINALLY! So if UGANDA did actually send UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL NATIONAL TEAM to WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES and their HIGH SCHOOL girls are EA CHAMPIONS…even if they lost at WC…tell me about the mindset they will have returned with from such an experience. Will they go back in practice worrying about KENYA or REGION or AFRICA when they have a taste of the WORLD STAGE? I guess not, they are in GLADIATOR MODE as you remain on beast mode. I do not offer solutions, because I am not good at idle talk. Just jog your mind for now and enjoy the talk, may be you will get to walk the talk because as you write you hope someone will pick it up after you. What you going to do about it, that is the solution!

Oh…it is actually the hype the KENYANS added that grew the sponsorship and value addition to the UG League.


Harrison Omondi

Basketball development resource person and founder, All.One Basketball Academy.





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