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KBF: Weekend Recap

It’s been as busy as ever in the Kenya Basketball Federation leagues. KPA teams came to Nairobi and collected maximum points, KCA University men’s team continued with their impressive unbeaten run in Division 1. Western Delights cruised past neigh

KU Pirates Upset Thunder

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USIU,Dankind Top Standings

USIU Flames ,Tigers and Dankind top their leagues with a few games remaining in the first leg,Flames have won all the 9 games they have played and are on 18 points while Tigers have 22 points after playing 12 games won 10 and lost 2.Dankind are having a g

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Game Preview : Equity – KPA

Equity bank started the league badly but have managed to get the balance,they have played 11 games won 6 and lost 5.Not so bad for first timers they are doing better than Thunder,Aviation and Lions though alot was expected of them,they lost easy games at

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Nyayo Games Moved To Kasarani

Games that were to be played at Nyayo gymnasium on Saturday 19th July have been moved to Kasarani Indoor Arena.A communication from the federation earlier during the day indicate that the changes are due to the request from Supersports production team th