NBA: Date Set For 2018 AGM

NBA: Date Set For 2018 AGM

NAIROBI – Nairobi Basketball Association (NBA) announced dates for the Annual General Meeting.

In an email sent by the association’s secretary last week, NBA set Saturday, February 17 as the date for the AGM at Nairobi Railway Club from 2 pm.

According to the notice, the agenda of the AGM has six main items that will be discussed by teams. Of major interest is likely to be the chairman’s report, treasurer’s report and the new season.

Teams that will not send a representative to the meeting will not be included in the fixtures when the league starts. NBA also encouraged teams that owe them to pay up in good time to avoid being locked out of the new season.

NBA’s AGM comes after another successful season that saw the league end in good time and hosting very successful inter cities tournament dubbed “Africa City Challenge” which was won by Nairobi Morans.






Nairobi Morans

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