Individual Basketball Workout Keys

Individual Basketball Workout Keys

Second Opinion

The value of individual work-outs to isolate and improve individual basketball related skills is undisputed. Having a clear work-out plan designed by an expert is imperative, but not as many players buy in to it. When your car breaks down, do you: A) fix it yourself, B) ask a friend for help, or C) take it to a trained mechanic?

Most would choose C, but for basketball work-outs, many players have their own ideas or lean on advice from friends or others that have a limited knowledge of the game, but are clearly not trained professionals. But to get the most out of each work-out a trained and experienced coach can provide the best insight and expertise to foster dramatic skill improvement.

Exaggerations and Manipulations

Exaggerating or manipulating situations and/or equipment can enhance each work-out. Stressing to do things faster, harder or against resistance should be present in each work-out. Using heavy training basketballs can help with ball-handling.

Using two defenders to make it harder to dribble the ball up the floor or simulate trapping situations can be effective as well. Using two balls for ball-handling drills is a good manipulation for coordination and concentration, but it limits the speed that one can execute these basketball drills.

Timing certain drills to make the player execute them at a faster pace each time can encourage players to do more reps in a certain time period. Physical contact from defenders with hands, bodies or pads can better simulate game situations.

Dribbling around chairs or cones are good, but actual defenders, who can bump and/or react is much more game-like. Working twice as long on a weak hand as compared to a strong hand can produce greater benefits as well. Always strive to turn a weakness into a strength.

Working Harder and Faster is Key

Only working out at the highest intensity and pace can produce the desirable results. Working through fatigue and when tired can give a player an edge in skill and toughness. If work-outs are easy and without a challenge, improvement is minimal.

High competitiveness, high intensity, fatigue and personal challenge are all good ingredients to put in any work-out blender. Always strive to do more, do it harder and do it faster!!




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