How To Bring The Ball Up The Court.

An important part of being a point guard or solid ball handler is the ability to dribble the ball up the court to setup your teams offense. But this can be a daunting task considering your dangers of having the ball stolen, mishandling your dribble, or be

Blog: The Evolution Of Swords Under Coach Sly.

By Noel Robert. I don’t know lick about sports writing, but as a self-proclaimed obsessive Strathmore nerd who has been deeply entrenched over the past five years in the ever-evolving geekery of internet sports culture, I’m something of an expert in

Blog: Finally,CO-OP Will Be In Mombasa.

After three years of missing in the international basketball scene, our local champions can at least be exposed to more talent in the region. Maybe its time someone shows them that there is more to the excellent passing game they have. Spartans mean defen

Supersport Deal Will Improve The Game.

The DSTV Supersport deal with the Kenya Basketball Federation indicates Supersport have faith in the sport.It’s been over 18 years since the league had a sponsor,in the 90’s we had Barclays and Del Monte then everything went cold,it’s be

Rebounding The Basketball.

When a player shoots the basketball and it comes off the rim or backboard either team is allowed to go after the ball and try to rebound it. The person with the best position is usually going to come up with the rebound. Learning how to rebound is about t

Buck Stops With KUSA.

Two weeks before the All Africa University games (FASU) commenced in Nairobi USIU Flames head coach George Mayienga had indicated that he wanted Mellisa Akinyi who plays for Strathmore and Bettie Kananu of Kenyatta University to join his team ahead of the

Why Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes?.

As a basketball coach there are several different ways to learn. One of the ways is learning from personal experiences. You can learn through trial and error and figure out what works, and what doesn’t. This type of learning usually takes longer and c