24 Seconds: Daniel Imbali.

24. What’s your nickname? Imbasson, Torna, Supreme… 23. Which high school did you go to? St Pauls, Lubinu-Western. 22. What is you jersey number? Number 34. 21.What music do you listen to? HipHop. 20. When did you start playing? Started playin

Weekend Recap: Total Mess.

President Barrack Obama’s visit to Kenya overshadowed a great match-up in Mombasa between defending champions USIU Flames and former champions KPA. This was basketball at it’s best, but our standards have fallen so low that this game had no o

Tibe And Eriko While You Were Away.

First things first Tiberious Menya lost his mum while he was at the military training, my condolences. For Tibe we know Denise missed him, the basketball fraternity has been on their necks since he came back, everyone is happy for them. As for Erick we wi

Weekend Recap.

Another KBF premier league weekend in the books, it was nothing short of the great standard. From close games to blow-outs but, the mother of all games Equity Hawks – USIU Flames lived up to the billing as the game of the week. And the attendance

Numbers Never Lie.

With the Kenya Basketball Federation’s 2015 regular-season almost halfway that can only mean one thing – there are so many intriguing storylines worth following. By the way, there are none that anyone knows an answer to, regardless of how conv

KU Pirates Upset Thunder.

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5 Things Every Point Guard Should Know.

Playing the point guard position in basketball comes with a lot of responsibilities. The position comes with an added role of leadership and being able to get the team organized on the offensive and defensive end, as well as being a skilled player. A lot