The Importance Of Stretching.

Many players today especially younger players, do not take advantage of stretching. Some players are willing to spend hours on the court and weight room training to be stronger, faster, and more athletic, but they neglect the importance of stretching, and

How To Be A Great Player While Sitting On The Bench.

Sitting on the bench sucks. No one wants to do it. Every player would prefer to be out on the court showcasing their talents to everyone. But the fact is that all players will spend a lot of time on the bench at some point. As a player progresses further

KECOSO And 2 Foreigners Rule.

What if KECOSO ran the KBF League? Would it be so much competitive and return the hype of its lost glory? When NSSF had a foreigner as Head Coach? When USIU had a foreigner as head coach with 4 high octane international players? When KCB Lions had interna

Maximizing Player Development.

The goal of a basketball coach is to be able to maximize player development for each individual player. Every great basketball coach is able to get the most out of their players and make them better than even they thought possible. This does not just ha

Moving Without The Ball.

In today’s game, we are infatuated with one on one basketball.  This is probably because most highlights that we see on television are individual achievements.  However, some of the most important work in basketball is done before a player even catche

Becoming A Great Scorer.

As a player you should not just work on scoring. You should not measure your worth to your team by how many points you score. That being said, the way you win a game is to score more points than the other team, and the big time players are getting paid to

24 Seconds: Dennis “Dikembe” Opiyo.

24. Which teams have you played for before?Changamwe Rollers, Mombasa Railways, Saints, KPA, Co-op Bank, Bel Air Seychelle, KCB Lions and now The Team Lions. 23. How has the 2015 season been so far?It has been Rough. 22. Why has it been rough?We have had

8 Keys to Becoming a Great Defender.

1. Communication Always be Communicating Be in constant communication with teammates to help prevent defensive breakdowns. Communicate on and off the ball regardless of being in the direct action or not. Relevant Communication Communicate things that will

5 Ways To Improve Your Game.

1. Take Higher Percentage Shots All basketball coaches love having a good shooter on their team. The way to instantly improve your shooting percentage is to eliminate shots that are difficult to make.  If that seems simple, it is.  It’s amazing how an