Building Confidence with Positive Self-talk.

We all mess up sometimes. It could happen in our daily lives over and over again. We can’t avoid mistakes, but we can avoid the harsh self-talk we often punish ourselves with. Doing so could change your basketball mental game. Self-talk, or your inner d

Team Culture.

We have fewer teams in each division this year and the leagues just became more competitive. As usual as a result teams need to work harder and smarter and one thing that surely should be a great motivator is positive team culture. Team culture is the man

Strengthen Your Basketball Mind.

Mental toughness is the ability to rebound from setbacks and disappointments. This characteristic equates to being mentally flexible, having a strong self-belief, persevering through challenges, and responding to situations with calmness, focus, and the p

Bench Struggles: How About A Better Season?.

‘Reserve’ is one of the most underrated positions in basketball.  It is one that requires patience, character and discipline more than the starting assignment, which anyone can handle. This is the player who in some cases may not have had the chance

Individual Basketball Workout Keys.

Second Opinion The value of individual work-outs to isolate and improve individual basketball related skills is undisputed. Having a clear work-out plan designed by an expert is imperative, but not as many players buy in to it. When your car breaks down,

Preparing For The New Season.

As a player I always looked forward to the new basketball season because it was a chance for me to display all the things I had worked on over the summer. I would come into basketball training or practice and be ready to go. It is important to make sure t

Playing Defense.

As a defender you want to keep your man from scoring the basketball and then also be able to help your teammate if they are having trouble guarding their man. There are different types of defense but we are going to just focus on the two basic areas of de

10 Ways To Earn More Playing Time.

One of the most, if not the single most issues between coach and player is, PLAYING TIME. Players want to know why they are not playing more, and what they can do to earn more playing time on the court. Here are 10 areas to look at when trying to earn mor

10 Keys For Beating A Pressure Defense.

During the up coming season you are going to face teams that are looking to speed you up by using pressure. It may come in the form of a man press, zone press, or a team that simply likes to trap and gamble at different points throughout the game. Whateve

Harrison: Open Letter To FIBA.

To whom it may concern: What does it take to become “#FIBA Approved Coach” and what does it really mean? How much is it? How long does it take? My Resume: -1. Kenyan Male, 37 years of age. Parent. University Graduate0. #Basketballislife1. 21 y