About This Weekend

About This Weekend

I have a good feeling about this weekend. Going by the fixtures, it is one to look forward to. But first, bless whoever made Friday night basketball possible, this might just be our breakthrough when it comes to widening the basketball fan base in Kenya. Then there is Super Sunday, where boys will be separated from men. With these in mind, here are a few things to anticipate:

Co-op vs. Equity (MP).  Coop Bank Spartans are (were?) known to make tremendous comebacks after bad starts, methinks they should trademark this trait. They are however still struggling and Equity has its moments. It would be interesting to see the outcome of this game.

Equity vs. KPA (WP.) This was a tough match up last year and should be even more interesting and competitive this year. Equity are as much title contenders as the star studded KPA. We could vaguely or generally conclude that this is a case of hard work vs. talent (all factors constant) and the outcome will put to rest that cliché debate on which trait wins games.

Thunder vs. KPA. (MP) Perfect match up. If these teams do not disappoint, and I hope they do not, this game will be epic. Thunder is incredibly unpredictable. Or maybe predictable after all in the sense that they will lose the easy games and win the hardest.  Will they continue their winning ways? Will Griffin Ligare bring it like he usually does? Will Kevin Chogo continue his good performance streak? I am excited to see how these perform against KPA. It will be equally exciting to watch what KPA has in store. “The grass will suffer.”

KCA University. If they score their free throws, they might just register their first win this weekend.

Officiating. Either controversial calls have seemingly become the norm or we are so fond of blaming officials rather than taking responsibility for poor play. It is somehow a defense mechanism to not admit the team actually lost. Bottom line, we all hope and expect the officiating to be on point and I am looking forward to a weekend that will see referees go without blame.

Gym Filled Up.

Tell a friend to tell a friend. Bring your sister, her friends and their families. We are paying tribute to Kobe Bryant. I feel the need to say that name again. Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant. As the Kenyan basketball fraternity, we owe the legend at least applause.  


The writer is a player in the Kenya Basketball Premier League. If you want to blog for us send an email to info@basketball254.com.




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