About Last Weekend, Week 8

About Last Weekend, Week 8

So much has been going around about the KPA ladies team, and it showed when Evelyne Nora suited up for Equity Bank Hawks over the weekend. Seems the “dream team” is crumbling fast, from players complaining about playing time, being played out of position to camps within the team, at this rate the “coastal side” might lose up to five players before the “transfer window” (if at all we have one). How do players play for two teams in the first leg? So far Nora has played against Co-op Bank twice in the first leg (Won 1 lost 1).

Are these special transfers or we are just making them special for no good reason?

Anyway Nora wanted more playing time and she got it in her first game at Equity Bank Hawks, she was a starter to be precise against Co-op Bank Kingdom Queens. In the first quarter it looked as if the Hawks were going to cruise to an easy victory until the Queens responded in the second quarter, from there on Equity struggled all the way to OT.

It wasn’t always smooth, but the Queens beat the Hawks.

Belinda Okoth has been a pillar for the bankers this season.

Strathmore Sports Day
Apparently Sunday saw all four Strathmore University teams Swords 2, Swords, Blades and Strathmore play their league matches, Strathmore had earlier indicated that they were pulling out of the league but have since over turned the decision and the team is still in the premier league, atleast for another year.

Don Bosco Woes
Sometime back Don Bosco Ninjas were about to hunour a league game donning ZUBL kits, how and when they became a university is still unknown luckily the game was postponed. Last weekend at Upperhill they played against KDF Morans with vests since the team had no uniforms, not even the ZUBL ones.

With all the talk on social media about the much needed change in he federation only two seats were contested.

Ben/Lewis Effect
Former Postbank teammates Ben Oluoch and Lewis Muya made Lions look good against Ulinzi Warriors when the two re-united after 10 years, Lions stretched the champions in a thrilling game on Friday night at Nyayo. Will the duo lead the Lions back to the top?



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