24 Seconds: Dennis “Dikembe” Opiyo

24 Seconds: Dennis “Dikembe” Opiyo

24. Which teams have you played for before?
Changamwe Rollers, Mombasa Railways, Saints, KPA, Co-op Bank, Bel Air Seychelle, KCB Lions and now The Team Lions.

23. How has the 2015 season been so far?
It has been Rough.

22. Why has it been rough?
We have had challenges getting players to come for training, it has been an issue because we are a self sponsored team.

21. How is it tough and yet you have beaten former champions Co-op Bank and Nakuru Club away?
When we train as a team we can beat any team any day.

20. Do you see Lions making the playoffs cut?
Yes, we are in the playoffs we just need to win all our remaining games.

19. You were beaten by Mennonites this year, how did it feel?
I didn’t feel bad, Mennonites just like any other team prepares for games and we need to respect them.

18. Who is winning the men premier league?

17. Why Lions?
We are not going to the playoffs to make numbers.

16. Who is winning the women premier league?
It is open.

15.What do you mean by that?
When I say open I mean any team that has the desire to win, if you look at the standings, teams that were considered strong like Masaku are not playing well. I am impressed by how Storms is playing, KPA hasn’t impressed me. USIU are the defending champions so they are under pressure.

14. Who is your favorite player in the women’s premier league?
[SILENCE] I have never had one [LAUGHS], what do you mean by favorite player?

13. Who is that one lady who has impressed you this season?
Game? Hildah (Eqiuty) and Cynthia (USIU).

12. Do you watch the Division 1 league?
Off late I haven’t been watching but just ask me the question.

11You are a veteran, how has the league been the past 15 years?
The league has gone down because players don’t train, they train on social media. That’s why when a player is selected to play for the national team all they do is complain on Facebook yet there is no effort they are putting in their day to day training. You can not be in the national team by being the loudest on Facebook.

10. Do you think the federation is on the right track?
To be sincere the federation is doing what they can, but as stakeholders we need to come together and work as a unit, otherwise if we keep on criticizing for our own self gain we will not make any progress.

9. You are one of the people who complain about officiating, are the referees doing a good job ?
Officiating has been poor, KIBRA needs to come up with a way of gauging the referees. Referees need to practice just like teams. Sometimes they make calls and you wonder if they passed their exams or they were just given certificates.

8. Do you think the conferences was a good idea?
From the word go I was against the the conferences, the only challenge we are facing right now is lack of venues. And if the fixtures were not changing from time to time then it could have worked. I blame Team Managers and coaches, they are the ones who keep on requesting for their games to be removed and it affects the league. In a way they are sabotaging the league yet they are the one who voted for it.

7. Talking of venues is Upperhill a good venue?
First it’s not good for the students, Upperhill being a school it faces the risk of someone sneaking in drugs. Then ladies don’t have a changing room, in the league we have young girls, mothers…you can imagine a lady referee changing in front of students. That is not right.

6. Is the playing surface ok ?
Poor, poor, the rims are not standard.

5. But you train on a similar court.
Training is different, that is the facility our team can afford. Then again when we were in the last meeting it was agreed that Upperhill will not host any game.

4.Whats your take on someone being a player, referee and coach at the same time?
It is not right at all, you can not coach more than one team and still officiate games. That needs to stop and the rule is clear.
3. Do you think we have enough coaches?
We don’t have enough coaches, in fact teams should have coaches for big men, guards, conditioning and game coaches, not all for one. That will improve our game.

2. Between KBF and NBA which league is better organized?

1. What should we do to take the game to the next level?
We need to work together, that is the only way.



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