24 Seconds: Daniel Imbali

24 Seconds: Daniel Imbali

24. What’s your nickname?

Imbasson, Torna, Supreme…

23. Which high school did you go to?

St Pauls, Lubinu-Western.

22. What is you jersey number?

Number 34.

21.What music do you listen to?


20. When did you start playing?

Started playing while in Standard 3 at the age of 8.

19. How many teams have you played for?


18. What do you do when you are not playing basketball?

Watch Movies.

17. How many times do you train in a week?


16. Which KBF premier team do you support?

Terror (UON).

15. Who is your favorite local player?

Griffin Ligare aka Kenya one.

14. You have been leading your team in scoring have you ever thought of playing in the premier league?

Not really. I have played in the league for several seasons before.

13. Which team will win the women’s premier league this year and why?

USIU Flames, they are a talented lot.

12.Which team will win the men’s premier league this year and why?

Ulinzi..Just because they have done it before, they are hard workers and plus they have Ancet (Mr. Big shots)….

11.KCA are unbeaten this season, are they beatable?

They are beatable but as things stand, I have not seen a team that will pose a threat to them.

10.Which NBA team do you support?

All Stars.

9. Which is your favorite shoe brand?


8. Tell us about your season, is your team doing well?

Our team is doing pretty good. Everything is going according to plan.

7.Will your team make it to the Premier League next season?

I don’t know but i do hope so.

6. Are the conferences well balanced?


5.This season which game have you lost that you deserved to win?


4. Do you think conferences should be done away with?

Yes. Not that they are bad. We just not have enough facilities to host the games as they are so many. Nyayo alone cannot do it. Let’s not talk about Upper Hill.

3.What should the federation do to make the sport more competitive?

Look for more sponsors. More sponsors equals more incentives for the player. This will in turn make the sport more competitive.

2.What is you take on refereeing?

Not that good. The refereeing needs to be uniform across board. Some refs are good, some just don’t know where to place them.

1.If you were the Kenya Basketball Federation chairman, what would you do differently?

Put up proper structures to tap talent at a younger age for instance, have a youth basketball league and promote the game at the grass root level.




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    • brian mwenge

      July 29, 2015

      The KBF office should build more basketball facilities across the country. Officiating is quite okay except during play-offs when we experience some biaseness. However this guy Imbali must be given enough attention as he is very talented.

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